Jan 27, 2010

How To Make Money With Your Video Camera

These are tough times, as we all know, and it can seem daunting to go out and find work using your skills as a videographer. I'm always reading the business trades and grabbing little tidbits here and there and realizing that the marketing mindset is a completely different way of thinking from the artistic mindset.

Many of us get into video because we love movies, or we may be inspired by other visual arts, like comic books, photography, painting, even advertising. There is a lot of great work being done out there and if you're naturally right-brained (I guess that's what they call us), you tend to be stimulated by the visuals. Color, light, compositions. These are the things that might draw us to the world of filmmaking.

But then the other half of your brain suddenly wonders how to crack into the business world and make some cash with the passion that is so close to us. And it can be done. I honestly don't believe it's more difficult than any other business. However, you have to put on your business hat for a few moments, stop looking at Mandy.com and other websites that offer production jobs, and get innovative. It can be just as fun (or nearly as fun) as actually shooting.

A friend introduced me to Michael Rosemblum's new video about how to find customers in this difficult economy. I found it inspired, and it echoed the same attitude you often see in the most successful business minds of our time. He gives simple, clear advice on how to go out and find work for yourself. It's practical, it's positive, and he confesses it's always worked for him. I personally haven't gone this route yet, but I've heard stories from many friends who have found great results from similar efforts.